What to do in the area

Curious about what to do in the area of ​​Ougney La Roche? Read the regional information and some recommendations below.


Ougney La Roche is located in the east of France, in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region.

This region has many interesting places and activities to do as a couple or with the whole family: along a rushing river, in the picturesque forecourt of a Romanesque basilica, a tour through a bustling city, in the mountains or in the cellar of a winegrower.

Sports enthusiasts can have fun behind the handlebars of the bicycle or the motorcycle. For each his own!

Unspoiled nature of the Doubs

 No river as extravagant as the Doubs! From the source at Mouthe, where it rises at an altitude of 945 m; to the highest natural waterfall in France “Saut du Doubs” over “our” part of Doubs - navigable over 200 km.

Via the princely town of Montbéliard to the citadel of Vauban in Besançon. Via the Saône, and the Rhône finally on the way to the Méditerranée.

Other places of interest

 The area around Ougney La Roche also has many other attractions, such as:

  • 8 sites on the World Heritage List of Unesco
  • The rebellious and fearless city of Besançon and Dijon, the city of the Dukes of Burgundy
  • The Eurovelo 6, the cycle route from the Rhine basin to the Atlantic Ocean. The simplest French véloroute, which passes on our doorstep
  • Ornans: in one breath Gustave Courbet, or “art of a free spirit”
  • The “Grand Randonée 59” that passes over our bridge, or the GR 213A? Want to go to Compostella?

A stone's throw from here: the open-air museum of Comtoise houses in Nancray; a beautiful site of 15 Ha, with silent witnesses of stone, wood and expertise.