The Doubs, a valley and a river in East France, close to the Swiss border, formerly called the gate to Switzerland. In the south neighbouring the Vosges and in the east neighbouring the Bourgogne region…
And where are we? Right in between, superb!


Itinerary from The Netherlands/Belgium

  • The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Metz, Nancy, Epinal, Besançon.
  • Between Epinal and Besançon you pass by Luxeuil-les-Bains.
  • From here you follow Lure, Villersexel, Baume-les-Dames.
  • When entering Baume-les-Dames from here, you continue to the centre and turn left at the first traffic lights.
  • Past the roundabout you cross the blue bridge and immediately turn right in the direction of Esnans, Ougney les Bas and finally Ougney la Roche.

Itinerary from the south of France:

  • From Lyon you follow the A6 in the direction of Beaune. There you take the A36 to Besançon and then the exit Roulans.
  • You enter Roulans and continue in the direction of Baume-les-Dames. 
  • In Séchin you will see the sign 'Ougney' on your right.
  • You enter Ougney les Champs, cross the bridge and turn right to Ougney la Roche.

By train:
There is a direct train connection, i.e. the TGV, Paris – Besançon or  Lille - Besançon.

Auberge Chez Soi
Auberge Chez Soi - Dirk en Nicole Vercammen - Van Wezer
Rue du Rechandet 29
25640 Ougney La Roche (Doubs, France)
Auberge Chez Soi
Auberge Chez Soi